#ROWDIE Real Facts: Part II

Continuing where I left off answering your questions (thanks for sending these in, btw!)... 

Q. Is there any new music in the works? 
A. Yes, I've always got music I'm working on.  There's a few in all different stages from song ideas to demos to almost released tracks!  One is called "High Water" that I hope to put out there soon. 

Q. What is your favorite past-time?
A.  Shooting clay pigeons.  I didn't do much shooting until this last year but I've really gotten into it.  Nice stress relief. 

Q. Do you have any shows in Missouri this summer. 
A. I sure do! I'm playing the Montgomery County Fair in Montgomery City, Missouri on July 21.  You can always keep up with my tour schedule on BandsInTown

Q. Any more duets in the future? 
A.  Well Hope, my fiance, is a great singer so I figure there is definitely a duet in OUR future.  I also keep singing with my longtime tour partner, Diana Upton-Hill

That's about all I've got for now.  If you have questions please email them to me at booking@mitchgoudy.com.  I may answer yours in an upcoming blog!