#ROWDIE Real Facts: Part I

People ask me a lot of questions so I thought I'd take this opportunity to start answering some of them.  

Q. How do you get your hair to look like that? 
A. It's an act of God (and a good hairstylist named Heather that I can't live without).  A lot of girls tell me they like my hair, but trust me, if it gets too long it turns into a jungle that no one wants to go near. 

Q. Where did you meet your fiance, Hope?
A.  I met her on instagram, actually.  I know -- social media!  But we talked a lot and she changed my world in every way. 

Q. What is your favorite show you've ever played? 
A.  I enjoy performing every time I get onstage, but my favorite show of all time was 2016 at CMA Fest in Nashville.  Still can't believe Rolling Stone named me 1 of the Best Things They Saw at CMA Fest!

Q. What is your favorite song you've ever written? 
A.  That's definitely a tough one.  Songwriters get really close to their music.  My songs mean everything to me.  A couple that I've been really proud of are "My Girl's Hand" and "Stained Glass".  

That's about all I've got for now.  If you have questions please email them to me at booking@mitchgoudy.com.  I may answer yours in an upcoming blog!