#ROWDIE Tip For Success #4

"Don't be all talk."  

I used to get by with a lot of talk.  I mean sometimes I shot my mouth off without having the goods to back it up. Now don't get me wrong, I believe in self promotion, of course, but at some point you actually have to DO SOMETHING. All talk, no action won't work forever.

I think a really good example of this for young musicians are those that say they want to be the next Garth Brooks or Adele but have never put their nose to the grindstone and truly WORKED HARD.  Being successful at anything takes a huge amount of work.  (They call Nashville the town of the '10 year overnight success' because it takes a lot of grinding to get anywhere.)  John Mayer tells stories about how when all his friends were with their girlfriends all weekend he was alone in his room practicing his guitar. That's dedication.  That's why he has the goods to back up all the talk about how good he truly is. 

That being said, you can do anything you work hard for, but don't think that a lot of talk is going to cover up for the fact that you haven't put in the work. No one is that good at BS.  Trust me, I know!  So get some vision - set a goal - and then work your butt off to get there.