#ROWDIE Tip For Success #2

"If you're going to run the race, first you have to make it to the starting line."  

All the time people tell me that they want to be a famous singer or a successful entrepreneur and they ask me "How do I do it?".  My response is usually "you need to get up in the morning and live and breathe with the right attitude". I call this GETTING TO THE STARTING LINE.  Without having the right attitude you won't have a shot at getting anywhere worthwhile.  

A lot of people tell me about their dreams and ambitions, but in the end they always say something like "But I can't afford guitar lessons" or "I can't get to my college classes because I don't have a car"... my response -- "That's the wrong attitude!"  Instead of saying "I can't do it" because of this or that wake up everyday and say "I can do what my heart desires and I deserve it". Pretty soon you won't let something like not being able to afford lessons or not having a car stop you or even slow you down!  You'll figure out that you can learn the guitar with youtube videos and you can take online college classes (or take the bus!).  

It's all about the right attitude.  Before you can even start running the race to get to your end goal - you need the right attitude to get to the starting line!