#ROWDIE Tip For Success!

Take Responsibility

No one is accountable for you... except for YOU.  You are responsible for your success.  You are responsible for your failure.  You are responsible for your time.  You are responsible for your impact on the world.  You are responsible.  

Now that we've established that let me explain how you can be more responsible.  

1.  DON'T FOLLOW THE PACK.  Don't allow people to influence your decisions.  If you know better, then do better. 
2. EMBRACE YOUR WEIRD.  Being an individual with unique traits is looked down on in middle school and high school...but you know what?  All the most successful people I know are unique.  Embrace it!
3.  FIND A MENTOR.  Don't expect the people around you to influence you in the right way.  Sometimes you need to seek out the best person to give you advice and help you get further down the road to your goals. 
4.  MAKE SOME GOALS.  I'm not saying to figure out what you want to do with the rest of your life, just make some short term goals.  For example - "In 3 months I want to be getting to school on time everyday."  This may seem small, but in the end it will open up your path to greatness.  

All in all, just be you.  Be the person you know that you have inside you.  Take accountability for when you make a mistake, and likewise, don't be ashamed to celebrate your successes!  

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