#ROWDIE Tip for Success #4

#ROWDIE Tip For Success #4

"Don't be all talk."  

I used to get by with a lot of talk.  I mean sometimes I shot my mouth off without having the goods to back it up. Now don't get me wrong, I believe in self promotion, of course, but at some point you actually have to DO SOMETHING. All talk, no action won't work forever.

I think a really good example of this for young musicians are those that say they want to be the next Garth Brooks or Adele but have never put their nose to the grindstone and truly WORKED HARD.  Being successful at anything takes a huge amount of work.  (They call Nashville the town of the '10 year overnight success' because it takes a lot of grinding to get anywhere.)  John Mayer tells stories about how when all his friends were with their girlfriends all weekend he was alone in his room practicing his guitar. That's dedication.  That's why he has the goods to back up all the talk about how good he truly is. 

That being said, you can do anything you work hard for, but don't think that a lot of talk is going to cover up for the fact that you haven't put in the work. No one is that good at BS.  Trust me, I know!  So get some vision - set a goal - and then work your butt off to get there.  




#ROWDIE Tip for Success #3

#ROWDIE Tip For Success #3

Money, Money, Money

Ok, so it seems like people have two views about money... they either love it or they hate it.  Well, I'll tell you what, no matter how you feel about it you better learn to manage it.   

I run into a lot of people that don't seem to know where their money goes, what their budget is, or how much of it they have!  That's not cool.  You've got to manage it well in order to get more.  That's my philosophy anyway and it's worked.  (And yes, I learned the hard way.)

Here are some simple things you can do to get on the right money track:

1.  DON'T WAIT FOR SOMEONE ELSE TO DO IT.  Being in high school and living with mom and dad doesn't give you permission to be bad with money.  If you have a part time job, or even just an allowance, track what you do with your money.  Being informed is the first step!
2. GET A BANK ACCOUNT.  I think this is self explanatory but I felt like I should include it.  Don't rely on the old "cash under the mattress" idea.  Put your money in a bank.  If you can handle a savings account that's even better because you can usually get one that will gain interest and MAKE YOU EVEN MORE MONEY!  (Way better than cash under the mattress.)
3. USE AN APP.  The thing that helps me budget and understand where my money is going more than anything else is using  There are a lot of apps out there but I like this one.  It helps me keep an eye on everything about my personal funds.  Check it out!
4. MAKE FINANCIAL GOALS.  Want to buy a car?  Make a plan, save for it, and attain it.  Want to go to that #Rowdie Mitch Goudy concert but can't afford the tickets?  Make a plan to save up and buy those tickets.  Not only is that good for your bank account, it's also something that parents really like to see.  They may even think you are MORE RESPONSIBLE!  Also, one thing I want to throw in here... Don't go to your boss and ask for a raise without a purpose.  I see people do this (yes, I have employees) and I always challenge them with questions like "What's your goal and how does more money help you attain it?"  Great leaders have no problem giving their employees more money as long as the employee is doing great work and they are asking for a raise with purpose.  For me there is nothing better than helping my employees achieve their goals and dreams!  

I'm saying all of this from personal experience. I'm still learning everyday myself as I take steps to get to the #NextChapter of my life.  Try planning a wedding without understanding budgeting?!  Not going to happen.  So, before you find your soul mate, before you find your next car, take control of your MONEY!  






#ROWDIE Tip For Success #2

#ROWDIE Tip For Success #2

"If you're going to run the race, first you have to make it to the starting line."  

All the time people tell me that they want to be a famous singer or a successful entrepreneur and they ask me "How do I do it?".  My response is usually "you need to get up in the morning and live and breathe with the right attitude". I call this GETTING TO THE STARTING LINE.  Without having the right attitude you won't have a shot at getting anywhere worthwhile.  

A lot of people tell me about their dreams and ambitions, but in the end they always say something like "But I can't afford guitar lessons" or "I can't get to my college classes because I don't have a car"... my response -- "That's the wrong attitude!"  Instead of saying "I can't do it" because of this or that wake up everyday and say "I can do what my heart desires and I deserve it". Pretty soon you won't let something like not being able to afford lessons or not having a car stop you or even slow you down!  You'll figure out that you can learn the guitar with youtube videos and you can take online college classes (or take the bus!).  

It's all about the right attitude.  Before you can even start running the race to get to your end goal - you need the right attitude to get to the starting line!




#ROWDIE Tip For Success

#ROWDIE Tip For Success!

Take Responsibility

No one is accountable for you... except for YOU.  You are responsible for your success.  You are responsible for your failure.  You are responsible for your time.  You are responsible for your impact on the world.  You are responsible.  

Now that we've established that let me explain how you can be more responsible.  

1.  DON'T FOLLOW THE PACK.  Don't allow people to influence your decisions.  If you know better, then do better. 
2. EMBRACE YOUR WEIRD.  Being an individual with unique traits is looked down on in middle school and high school...but you know what?  All the most successful people I know are unique.  Embrace it!
3.  FIND A MENTOR.  Don't expect the people around you to influence you in the right way.  Sometimes you need to seek out the best person to give you advice and help you get further down the road to your goals. 
4.  MAKE SOME GOALS.  I'm not saying to figure out what you want to do with the rest of your life, just make some short term goals.  For example - "In 3 months I want to be getting to school on time everyday."  This may seem small, but in the end it will open up your path to greatness.  

All in all, just be you.  Be the person you know that you have inside you.  Take accountability for when you make a mistake, and likewise, don't be ashamed to celebrate your successes!  

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